Measure your existing fence panels to ensure you purchase the correct size. Before you start dismantling the fence take a closer look at how the broken panel is fixed to the posts at either end. With any luck it will be held in place with fence brackets that can be conveniently unscrewed. If it has been nailed to the posts you can use a hack saw blade to saw through the nails, this will stop you damaging the post.


How-to-fix-a-fence-post-image-1 Do the same with a gravel board if you have one attached. Remember to wear appropriate safety clothing. Then either pry the sawn nails out or hammer them flat to the post.



With the damaged panel out of the way you can attach your panels back to the posts, we’d recommend using the bracket and screw method. The brackets are exterior grade and if you position them 20cm from the top, 20cm from the bottom and one in the centre, you’ll have a sturdy and secure panel. How-to-fix-a-fence-post-image-8 Before lifting the panel back into place, a couple of off cuts of gravel board are perfect spacers to lift it off the ground to the right height. Hold the panel in position against the first post and screw the panel into place.




And finally it’s time to fit the gravel board onto the bottom of the panel, using two offcuts of exterior grade two inch by one inch timber and exterior grade screws.

What you’ll need


Cordless screwdriver

Tape measure


Nail bar



Hacksaw blade



Ready made fence panel

Exterior Grade fence brackets


2″ by 1″ timber offcuts