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How To Apply Varnish, Stain, Wax, Oil

Making the job go smoothly   Sand all surfaces in the direction of the grain, with a medium grade of sandpaper and dust off with a soft, clean cloth and white spirit.   Follow guidelines about preparing the finish before use. Some require thorough stirring,... read more

How to Fix a Fence Panel

Measure your existing fence panels to ensure you purchase the correct size. Before you start dismantling the fence take a closer look at how the broken panel is fixed to the posts at either end. With any luck it will be held in place with fence brackets that can be... read more

How To Erect a Fence

Before you get started Check the position of underground cables and pipes with a detector before you begin, to make sure you can dig holes in the places you need to along your fence line. Pressure-treated wood for use in the garden is bought already treated with... read more

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